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SynC Modular
SynC Modular is a Modular Synthesis environment that allows graphic editing of DSP processes thanks to a wide range of functions integrated in its engine. SynC Modular recompiles and optimizes its code each time a parameters is modifies (that coul be bypassed by setting the fast update param in each container). Its low resources requirements allows to create graet ensembles while keeping the CPU low, altough its complexity can be increased to the limits of our imagination.

Well, maybe you'll need some example ensembles to inspire, and here they are. This is a collection, selection a cleanup of everything I've found over the net. Clasified, but a bit outdated. There's still people using these WinX86 application to create sounds. Runs smoothly on Win64 and includes a freeware license and an VST2.1 plugin adapter to run the ensembles from any DAW of your choice.

Registration code (by NI's Dr. SynC):
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Code: eCDiPa-kbbmPZ-zGDJuyU
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Download SynC Modular 2.21 (Freeware License)

Behringer BCR2000 + Studio One

Studio One is a coomn DAW nowadays, it's adapted to almost all Studio Musician needs and does it from an easy point of view. I'm still stuck in v2.6, but the last V3 has added some features that makes Studio One a serious fighter in the DAW circus. But there's also black holes in it. There's a lack of specs of the way anyone can create and integrate (with a lot of effort) any control surface to do coommon tasks easily or control plugin or mixer parameters that are no available from the basic "Add Controller" menu. Anyways, there's a lot of documentation on the net. HEre's a point to a spanish page I've posted adding some information about it that i've found here & there. edit and share freely.

Integrar Controladores Studio One - Hispasonic

Electribe 2 Skins

When Korg released Electribe, it had an unfinished set of tools and commands and they were not reflected on its display. I managed to create a multilayer PSD to create labels for all of those functions and now it is here free for you to edit and share freely.


MVX XT2, enhancing the weirdness

MVX XT2, enhancing the weirdness
The unfinished XTruder engine needed some modulation and modulators to give the best of it. Now, it does the job. In fact, it's a cut down version of the XV with no PD oscillator and fixed oscillators A and B. Simple but effective.

Download XT2

MVX XV, 15 years later

MVX XV, 15 years after
Everything i've learned using Synthedit and making music has been put in this new one. No interesting presets included, but those switchable oscillators from Osmosis, the XT oscillators from Xtruder, the filter cambinations from Filterknock, and the MVM matrix modulation...

Download MVX XV

MVX Add'It, Add some.

MVX Add'It
(The upper plugin GUI, the lower one is XV) It's an 8 oscillator additive toy with 4 typical waveforms and a SVF. Takes advantage of its modulation capabilities. Too few preset programmed, but they sound different compared to any other MVX stuff. Some fixes were applied last week, if you tried it then, try it now again. Ale, Dale duro!!

Download Add'It

Kobe, Monster Synth

Kobe, Monster Synth
Don't touch it's 8x8 matrix modulator. It is the most complex synth I've ever built, and altough there's more than 200 controllers, they're all in the same page allowing to keep informed of what modulates and where. 

There's also a complex 8x8 matrix to modulate almost any parameter from each of its modulators and other sources, including Midi CC's.
Download Kobe

Groth, Matrix Synth

Groth, Matrix Synth
Designed to create different timbres with Xfade oscillators, uses a MVM simplified engine, but keeps the most of its character and semimodular design. Easier to edit, but also incredible results based on a standard classic analog sound scheme.

Download Groth

MVM v2, Sound Tool V2

MVM v2, Sound Tool V2
A remake of MVM, with slightly modified routings, switchable off modules & linkable filter. 

Download MVM v2

Osmosis, more VA please...

Osmosis, more VA please.
What if... i take a basic oscillator and instead of creating a selector of the waveform I use a mixer for each oscillator output? Well, here it is. And also includes a Phase Distortion oscillator section to decide wich is the best flavour. And the Duo duplicates each oscillator creating a detuned and octaved unison voice.

Download Osmosis

MVM, Sound Tool

MVM, Sound Tool 
A sound designing tool. In fact, it is ther elder brother of the MVXfamily. Not easy to work with, but with skills to create a wide variety of sounds. Multioscillator with many routing possibilities and modulation sends & sources. Its semimodular possibilities allows multiple modulations. 
Download MVM

MVX2, The Original one

MVX2, The Original one
The basis of all the MVX Series, built with SynC Modular on 1999. 5 oscillators, 2 parallel multimode filters and modulation capabilities to get almost any sound with low CPU usage. The original skins were orange, but this is the most old creation from this factory.

Download MVX2