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SynC Modular
SynC Modular is a Modular Synthesis environment that allows graphic editing of DSP processes thanks to a wide range of functions integrated in its engine. SynC Modular recompiles and optimizes its code each time a parameters is modifies (that coul be bypassed by setting the fast update param in each container). Its low resources requirements allows to create graet ensembles while keeping the CPU low, altough its complexity can be increased to the limits of our imagination.

Well, maybe you'll need some example ensembles to inspire, and here they are. This is a collection, selection a cleanup of everything I've found over the net. Clasified, but a bit outdated. There's still people using these WinX86 application to create sounds. Runs smoothly on Win64 and includes a freeware license and an VST2.1 plugin adapter to run the ensembles from any DAW of your choice.

Registration code (by NI's Dr. SynC):
Name: Free registration
Code: eCDiPa-kbbmPZ-zGDJuyU
Note that you must retain the character case in both lines.

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Download SynC Modular 2.21 (Freeware License)